Parade Design is a partnership of Brendan Hastings and Suzy Addis. We're based in South County Dublin, Ireland but given the wonders of internet, location doesn't really matter. We set up Parade in 2008 and since then we've built up a veritable bucket-load of happy clients who remain loyal to us. Why is that? Because we're nice people, we're easy to work with and we love good design.

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Brendan Hastings
South African-born Brendan holds a first class degree in Software Engineering, a Masters in Multimedia, and has a passion for typography. He's particularly interested in user experience design and is always researching latest techniques and best practice.
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Suzy Addis
Suzy has been designing for print since 2004 and is passionate about layout and identity work as well as designing for web. She holds a Masters in Multimedia from Trinity College Dublin and has worked in Event Management as well as design. [email protected]